Janna works as a freelance performer in orchestral and choral concerts, as well as in chamber music performances and recording sessions. She is a founder member of the ensemble Harmoniemusik which has been together for 30 years. See www.harmoniemusik.org.uk

Forthcoming Concerts

21st May 2022

Concerto concert with Amadeus Chamber Orchestra, playing the Poulenc Sonata and Mozart Andante in C. Tickets here.

2nd - 6th June 2022

Tour of Brandenburg/Berlin with Harmoniemusik

10th June 2022 7.30pm

Little St Mary's Church, Cambridge Harmoniemusik

August 23/25/27

St Columb, Cornwall

30th annual concert series with Harmoniemusik

Listen to Janna play - examples from CD's, YouTube & SoundCloud:

Blumer Sextet for wind and piano with the ensemble Harmoniemusik

Stephen Frost:  Sextet for wind and piano

Janna performing one of James Rae's ABRSM pieces

Recording session. A lovely arrangement by Nigel Waddington of Beautiful City

Harmoniemusik at the St Columb Festival    
At one of our concerts near Berlin 2019