"You have a great talent for making learning fun and inspiring!" - email from an adult student

"It was lovely seeing Janna's face on line. The sound quality was excellent, her teaching patient and supportive. Lots of really helpful advice that will improve my playing. Thank you Janna"  LSB

"I just love Janna, always gives constructive criticism as well as being encouraging & feel we have a good rapport which is very important to me, very glad I found her"  JG

"Janna has taught my son the flute for 10 years, from age 8 to 18. She manages to be clear and demanding with utter charm. He truly enjoyed her lessons from the outset and in consequence is self motivated and has quickly moved to competence. She is an absolute gem of a teacher and I do not hesitate to recommend her." KG

"We're going to be hard pushed to get another teacher who can get distinctions for each exam!" HB


Private tuition available online & in person, usually in Cambridge & London, plus ensembles for adults and children.

efluteacademy - ongoing varied programme of live-online classes. 

Flute Choir at Stapleford Granary : next set of 4 starts May 11th 2022

Norfolk Flutes - ensembles and individual lessons every 2 months. Next dates May 7th, July 9th

E V E N T S​

Janna's monthly Saturday Flute Class - open to all. 5pm - 6pm. Price: £8 or £4 concessions! A practical,  online practice session. 

Next dates:

May 7th - Improve your sight reading

June 11th - Scales - keys with 4 and 5 sharps or flats

July 9th - Articulation

24 - 29th April 2022

Flutes in France course at Monplaisir in the Lot Valley, France

21st May

St Saviour's Church, St Albans

Concerto performances of Poulenc Sonata and Mozart Andante in C with the Amadeus Chamber Orchestra

2-6th June

Tour of Berlin/Brandenburg with Harmoniemusik

10th June 2022 7.30pm

Little St Mary's Church, Cambridge Harmoniemusik

August 23/25/27

St Columb, Cornwall

30th annual concert series with Harmoniemusik